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Upcoming Events:

Spring Webinar Series: Allocating Water for Habitat

Water policy has a material impact on birds, other wildlife, and the rivers they call home.  It's up to the Western Rivers Action Network and our partners to ensure that water for habitat remains a key consideration as we plan for a sustainable water future in Arizona. Sign up for the webinars below to learn more!

  • April 19, 2017 noon-1pm: WRAN Webinar: A 21st Century Colorado River Budget: The federal government has a unique and significant role in supporting the sustainability of the Colorado River. While recognizing the states’ authority to manage water resources within their borders, the federal government should advance widely-supported conservation and efficiency measures, along with creative financing mechanisms, to meet water demands while protecting and restoring healthy river flows. Join us for this WRAN webinar, part of our spring "Allocating Water for Habitat" series, to learn more about some of the key federal programs that would support a modern, well-funded budget for the Colorado River. (Presented by: Karen Hyun, Director of Water and Coastal Policy - National Audubon Society)
  • April 26, 2017, noon-1pm: WRAN Webinar: Pinal County Farmers Water Exchanges: During this webinar, part of our spring "Allocating Water for Habitat" series, we will explore, agriculture, water exchanges, and the work of the Environmental Defense Fund and local farmers in Pinal County. (Presented by: Join Christopher Kuzdas - Agricultural Water Project Manager and Colorado River Team Member, Environmental Defense Fund.)

  • May 03, 2017, noon-1pm: WRAN Webinar: Tres Rios Wetlands: During this webinar, part of our spring "Allocating Water for Habitat" series, we will explore, the Tres Rios Wetlands. This 700 acres of restored riparian habitat along the Salt River - fed by treated effluent and designated an Audubon Important Bird Area - is a great example of how innovative water management and habitat restoration can go hand in hand. (Presented by: Cynthia Campbell - Water Resources Manager and Policy Advisor, City of Phoenix.)

  • May 11, 2017, noon-1pm: WRAN Webinar: The Santa Cruz River: The Santa Cruz is a river of international significance, heading south from its headwaters in Arizona’s San Rafael Valley, making a 25-mile loop through Sonora, Mexico, and returning to the United States near Nogales. Once a free-flowing river marked with springs and cienegas, the Santa Cruz now owes the majority of its flow to treated effluent. Join us to learn about the Sonoran Institute's work on this Arizona river during this WRAN webinar, part of our spring "Allocating Water for Habitat" series. (Presented by: Ian Dowdy, Program Director for the Sun Corridor Legacy Program - Sonoran Institute.

  • May 17, 2017, noon-1pm: WRAN Webinar: Governor's Water Augmentation Council - Recycled Water Committee: The Governor’s Water Augmentation Council investigates long-term water augmentation strategies, additional water conservation opportunities, funding, and infrastructure needs to help secure water supplies for Arizona’s future. Join us for this WRAN Webinar, part of our spring "Allocating Water for Habitat's", to learn more about the work of the Council's Recycled Water Committee. (Presented by: John Kmiec - Wastewater Director, Marana Water.)

Ongoing Events:

Past Events:

  • January 25th, 2016: Water Challengs: Part 1 - Future of the Colorado Plateau Forum: - A forum presesnted by the Museum of Northern Arizona addressing concerns being raised among hydrologists, state water planners, and decision-makers about the future availability and sustainability of our water supplies. Learn more and RSVP here.
  • December 14th, 2016: WRAN Webinar, Topic: Agua Dulce: Tucson Water's plan to return flow to the Santa Cruz.  Presented by Presented by Timothy M. Thomure, PE, ENV SP, Director of Tucson Water.  Facilitated by Audubon Arizona Education Director Cathy Wise.  View Timothy's presentation here.
  • December 7th, 2016: WRAN Webinar, Topic: Introducing the Verde River Exchange Water Offset Program: Presented by: Jocelyn Gibbon, J.D.--Principal, Freshwater Policy Consulting, LLC. Jocelyn coordinates the Exchange on behalf of Friends of Verde River Greenway. View Jocelyn's presentation here.
  • July 20th, 2016: WRAN Webinar, Topic: Lake Mead Structural Deficit and Why it Matters
    Join Amy McCoy, Director of AMP Insights, for this free, educational webinar. Learn about the "Structural Deficit" at the Colorado River's largest reservoir, Lake Mead, and learn why solving the problem is critical to protecting flow across the Colorado River Basin. View Amy's presentation here.
  • August 3rd, 2016: WRAN Webinar, Topic: Adjudication Issues and Groundwater Management in Arizona.
    Join The Kyl Center for Water Policy's Executive Director, Sarah Porter, for a look into groundwater management law and the adjudication process. Kathleen Ferris, a Senior Research Fellow at ASU's Morrison Institute for Public Policy, former Executive Director of the Arizona Municipal Water Users Association, former Director of the Arizona Department of Water Resources, and one of the drafters of the Arizona Groundwater Management Act, will be on board to answer related questions. Watch the recorded session here.
  • September 7th, 2016: WRAN Webinar, Topic: Arizona’s Native Trout Program
    Join Brad Powell, the Southwest Regional Director of Trout Unlimited and President of the Arizona Wildlife Federation, and Julie Carter, biologist with the Arizona Game and Fish Department, for a look into efforts to protect Arizona's native trout and the streams and rivers on which they depend. Watch the recorded session here. (PowerPoints are available on our WRAN Resources page.)
  • September 21st, 2016: WRAN Webinar, Topic: River Funding and Restoration Efforts
    Join  Audubon's Colorado River Project Director, Jennifer Pitt, and The Nature Conservancy's Arizona Water Program Lead, Scott Deeny, for a discussion about creative efforts to support river restoration. Programs discussed will include Raise the River and the Salt-Verde Valley Water Fund. Watch the recorded session here.
  • Wednesday May 25th, 2016 from noon to 1pm: WRAN Leaders Call:  Join us for this month's WRAN Leaders call! During this call, Gerry L Walker, the ADWR’s Assistant Deputy Director of the Colorado River and Other Interstate and International Waters, will be summarizing for us details and discussions from last week’s ADWR/CAP Colorado River Shortage Briefing.  We are extremely grateful to Gerry for her willingness to talk to us, and we want to make sure the Network is well-represented on the call.

  • March 29th: WRAN Webinar - join a presentation for Western Rivers Action Network members on an exploration of the close connection between birds and water in the West, along with opportunities in Congress that can help save water now and into the future. Tice Supplee, Director of Bird Conservation at Audubon Arizona, will highlight some the fascinating birds of West and the ways that they depend on healthy rivers and wetlands, with a focus on the Colorado River Basin. Then, Jimmy Hague, Director of the Center for Water Resources at the Theodore Roosevelt Conservation Partnership, will share some of the key ways that Congress can help save water for birds and people in the Colorado River Basin and across the West.

  • WRAN Webinar: The Colorado River has been in drought for 16 years. As water managers mount unprecedented initiatives to respond to the growing risk of water shortages, what will happen to the rivers?  Join Jennifer Pitt, of the National Audubon Society as she takes us through the Colorado River Basin legal framework, management decisions, and identifies a number of opportunities the conservation community has identified to make progress on improving water availability for freshwater habitats across the basin.
  • WRAN Nevada Workshop -Join the AZ WRAN team and the Red Rock Audubon Society for our next workshop: Sustainable Rivers in Times of Drought. Get a basin-wide view of the Colorado River, help us define sustainable rivers, and learn about upcoming opportunities to take action.  RSVP to Sarah Luna.
  • Tapping into Conservation launch party: August 1st, 2015, 6:30 - 9:00pm - Enjoy Phoenix food trucks, live local music, an intoduction to WRAN and the Yellow-Billed Cuckoo, and the very first sips of Western Rivers Ale! RSVP to Steven Prager.
  • Birds n' Beer: June 18th, 5:30pm at the Nina Mason Pulliam Rio Salado Audubon Center - Join Audubon Arizona’s acting Executive Director and Director of Bird Conservation, Tice Supplee, for her presentation “Shift Happens”.  This look into Audubon’s Climate Report will give you expert insight into future climate trends’ implications on our rivers and other critical habitats. 
  • Birds n' Beer: May 21st, 5:30pm at the Nina Mason Pulliam iio Salado Audubon Center - Join Southern Sierra Research Station Biologist, Shannon McNeil, for her presentation “Cuckoos on the Colorado”.  This is your chance to be introduced to the imperiled and river-dependent Western Yellow-Billed Cuckoo and learn about some of the valuable work being conducted through the Lower Colorado Multispecies Conservation Program.  Securing and maintaining funding for critical federal programs like these is a top WRAN priority.
  • Saturday, May 2nd, 1-4pm: The Nongame and Endangered Wildlife Program at Arizona Game and Fish is seeking better interaction with Arizonan's who share a passion for non-game wildlife.  Make sure WRAN's voice is part of this first discussion!  Learn more here.
  • Saturday, March 21st, 10:00 - 11:30am:   This is your second chance to learn from Fred Haggerson about how to turn your at-home water conservation efforts into funding for on-the-ground conservation projects that help our western rivers.
  • Tuesday, March 17, 6:30 - 8:00pm: Join Fred Haggerson as he teaches you how to turn your at-home water conservation efforts into funding for on-the-ground conservation projects that help our western rivers.
  • Wednesday, February 18th, Noon - 1pm: Join Aaron Citron, member of the Environmental Defense Fund's Colorado River Project, as he discusses the role of agricultural efficiency in protecting the Colorado River Basin.
  • Wednesday, February 11th, Noon - 1pm: Join Drew Beckwith, Water Policy Manager and conservation expert with Western Resource Advocates, as he discusses the role of municipal efficiency and re-use in protecting the Colorado River Basin.
  • Wednesday, January 28th, Noon-1pm: Join Western Resource Advocate's Drew Beckwith for his presentation "Common Sense Solutions to Protect the Colorado River Basin" and learn about the approaches outlined in Western Resource Advocates and American Rivers' The Hardeset Working River Report
  • Wednesday, January 21st, Noon - 1pm: Join NAS Legislative Director Brian Moore and AZ WRAN Project Coordinator Sarah Luna for a look at the challenges and opportunities ahead in D.C. and in Arizona as the U.S Congress and the Arizona Legislature kick off their 2015 sessions. (Click here to view the presentation)
  • Wednesday, December 17th, Noon - 1pm Join us for an exclusive webinar on Fires, Forest Management & our Watershedfeaturing special guest presenters Diane Vosick, Director of Policy and Partnerships at the Ecological Restoration Institute of NAU and Rebecca Davidson, Senior Water Rights Analyst for the Salt River Project.  Click here to learn more!
  • Saturday, November 15th, 8:30am - 2:30pm In partnership with the Red Rock Audubon Society, WRAN will be offering a workshop in Las Vegas, Nevada! Southern Nevada is a critical voice in the growing conversation about the West's shared water future - Check out the workshop agenda and  RSVP today!
  • Wednesday, September 24th, 12pm: The Water Resources Research Center (WRRC) presents: Webinar on the Roadmap for Considering Water for Arizona’s Natural Areas. The Arizona Water Resources Research Center (WRRC) is completing their Roadmap for Considering Water for Arizona’s Natural Areas and they want your input! This Roadmap marks the culmination of a three-year project where more than 1,000 stakeholders (including many of you!) participated in surveys, focus groups, workshops, and presentations. In all, participants volunteered approximately 1,900 hours of their time to helping explore the issue of if and when natural areas should be considered in our state's water management and planning decisions. Whether you have participated all along or are new to the project, the Arizona Water Resources Research Center (WRRC) invites you review the draft final Roadmap document and/or join them for a lunchtime webinar to learn about the Roadmap recommendations and provide your thoughts and ideas.
  • Friday, August 15, 12pm - 1pm: WRAN Webinar: Asking the Right Questions: Discussing Water with Policymakers. Join WRAN members Jocelyn Gibbon and Nick Bacon for this valuable training session! After this webinar, you'll have a better understanding of water issues in Arizona and the west, be more prepared to speak up for western rivers and be ready to make the most of upcoming opportunities for WRAN's voice to be heard. Learn more about this event here.
  • Wednesday, September 3, 12pm - 1:30pm: The  Arizona Water Resources Research Center (WRRC) presents: Brown Bag Seminar - Requiem for the Santa Cruz: An Environmental History of an Arizona River This event is a great chance for WRAN members to gain some insight on the Santa Cruz river - a river of international significance with eight designated Wilderness Areas and 22 threatened and endangered species in it's watershed. To learn more, visit our Facebook or the WRRC's website. RSVP to Sarah Luna at llsarah@msn.com
  • Saturday, August 2, 10am - 12pm: Citizen's Water Advocacy Group Presents (CWAG) presents: A Water Forum for State Legislative District 1 Candidates. This is your chance to see where Arizona Legislative District 1 primary candidates stand on local water issues! Much of the Verde River, which provides 40 percent of the surface water delivered to Phoenix and supports over 75% of Arizona’s breeding bird species, flows through Legislative District 1 and it is critical that its leaders support sound water policies.To learn more, visit our Facebook or the CWAG Homepage!
    RSVP to Sarah Luna at llsarah@msn.com
  • Wednesday, June 4, 12pm -1pm: Exclusive Webinar: Perpectives on Water for Natural Resources in Arizona Water Management and Planning
  • Saturday, May 17: WRAN Workshop - Protecting Our Rivers (view agenda here)
  • April 7 and 17, May 16 and 21: Water Resources Research Center Regional Workshops

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