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Minute 323 is great first step, but there’s more to do
Arizona WRAN News – October 2017

Minute 323 is a victory for both water users and birds, like this Belted Kingfisher, that depend on a healthy Colorado River. Photo: Mick Thompson

Minute 323, the updated Colorado River water agreement between the United States and Mexico, has tremendous potential to benefit Arizona’s rivers and birds as well as water users in both countries – but there’s still more to do.  For the new Minute to have the greatest impact possible, Arizona and the other Lower Colorado River Basin states must take some critical next steps.

These next steps present an opportunity for the Network to advocate for policies that, while securing a stable water future for our state, don’t lose sight of the bird, habitat, and wildlife resources that our rivers support. Check out the below opportunities to learn more and take action.

  • Action Alert: Follow up with our leaders on Minute 323

    To truly unleash Minute 323’s potential to improve habitat for birds and other wildlife, Arizona must finalize the Lower Basin drought contingency plan, a cooperative agreement being negotiated between the Colorado River Basin states, and develop an in-state implementation plan.  Thank our leaders for signing the new agreement and encourage them to take these next steps.
  • Webinar: Explore the habitat restoration work benefiting from Minute 323

    On October 25th at Noon, join Osvel Hinojosa, Director of Pronatura Noroeste’s Water and Wetlands Program, for a look into on-the-ground restoration work benefiting birds, other wildlife, and communities in the Colorado River Delta.  This is your chance to learn first-hand about how complicated policies like Minute 323 impacts the habitats we care about. Register for this free webinar here.
  • Action Alert: Speak up for the San Pedro River

    While Minute 323 causes us to think about the Colorado River at a landscape scale, it’s important not to lose sight of the smaller rivers and streams throughout the watershed.

    In 2015, hundreds of WRAN members took action by asking that the Army Corps of Engineers formally re-evaluate the Section 404 clean water permit for Villages at Vigneto - a 12,300 acre community of 28,000 homes, five golf courses, and commercial venues near the San Pedro River.  Thanks to these advocates and others, the permit was suspended in June 2016 for further review. 

    The Corps is now seeking comments to decide whether or not to hold public hearings as part of their review process. Ask Corps to give the public a chance to speak up for the San Pedro River.
  • Western Rivers Brewers’ Council – Brewing for the Birds

    We’re all in this together.We say it often – and we mean it! To protect Arizona’s rivers, we need to get all of Arizona’s water users on board.

    This is why we’ve been working to expand our Western Rivers Brewers’ Council.  These brewers are part of a growing industry that supports nearly a billion dollars in economic activity in Arizona each year and, like our birds and other wildlife, their future depends on a sustainable, reliable water source.

    This month, three more breweries joined the team. If you find yourself in Yuma’s Prison Hill Brewing Company, Tucson’s Borderlands Brewing Company, or Tombstone’s Tombstone Brewing Company, be sure to thank them for taking action for western rivers!

Thanks as always for being part of the Western Rivers Action Network.  As always, frequent the links below to keep up with the latest water news, learn about upcoming events, and take action.

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