Giving Thanks (and asking for more!)

AZ Western Rivers Action Network News – November 2017

To be successful advocates for Arizona’s rivers, we can’t just speak up when threats present themselves.  We also have to work proactively to influence policy before legislation hits the floor and build relationships by thanking our leaders when they make the right decisions.

It’s with this strategy in mind that we’re asking you to take action by thanking our Governor and the Director of the Arizona Department of Water Resources for their part in in finalizing Minute 323, the updated Colorado River water agreement between the United States and Mexico.

If you joined us for last week’s WRAN webinar, you learned how Minute 319, the predecessor of the new agreement, benefited rivers, habitat, birds, and people south of the border in the Colorado River Delta.  This new agreement has the capacity to build upon these successes, but for us to see its true potential Arizona must take some critical next steps.

Help us use this opportunity for gratitude to push our leaders in the right direction.  Take action today!

Thanking craft brewers (for more than great beer!)

No matter which craft brewery is your local favorite, the most important ingredient in their recipes is the same – water.  That’s why they are excited to be amplifying your voice with a letter from the Western Rivers Brewers’ Council (WRBC).  By echoing our message and emphasizing how the steps following Minute 323 affect small businesses across Arizona, they are helping us prove that we really are all in this together.

This month we added several new members to the WRBC.  So, as you express your gratitude for those benefiting Western Rivers, be sure to send some love to the Arizona Craft Brewer’s Guild, Button Brew House, Catalina Brewing Company, O.H.S.O Brewery and Distillery, Kannah Creek's Edgewater Brewery, and Many Rivers Brewing Company!

Join us in thanking the newest additions to the Western Rivers Brewers' Council! (WRBC Logo by Lisa MacCollum)

Thanking the water wonks (and webinar opportunities!)

If you’ve been a WRAN member for a while, then you’ve likely noticed that much of protecting our rivers boils down to plumbing – issues like bolstering the levels at Lake Mead, water exchanges, and groundwater management. It can be difficult to see how these matters affect rivers, birds, and other wildlife, which is why we’re thankful for the water policy experts that work with us to connect the dots.

On Wednesday, November 29th, we’ll be joined by two of these experts for our next WRAN webinar:  System Conservation and Excess Water 101.  During this session, the Environmental Defense Fund’s Kevin Moran and AMP Insights’ Amy McCoy will be exploring management tools that can help secure a sustainable water supply and, in turn, help us protect our Western Rivers.  Register today!

Last but not least – thanking you!

The power of the Western Rivers Action Network comes from you, our members.  It’s your collective voice that garners the attention of our leaders, supports sound water policy, and gives a voice to rivers, birds, and other wildlife that cannot speak up on their own behalf.

We couldn’t do it without you, and we’re extremely grateful.

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