A portrait of Daniel Hite.

Daniel Hite

Conservation Outreach Assistant

Daniel contributes to a variety of conservation, education, and outreach projects at Audubon Arizona. He supervises River Pathways interns and Mackenzie Fellows, and leads education programs to inspire youth to become engaged in environmental and conservation careers. In the spring and summer months, he conducts surveys for marsh birds and Western Yellow-billed Cuckoos to assess the health of desert riparian habitats.

Daniel has been a birder since he was very young. He has been involved with Audubon Arizona for four years-- first as a River Pathways student, then an intern, and then a staff member. Educating youth and getting them involved in the outdoors is valuable for protecting places that he cares about. He aims to use the River Pathways program to extend the opportunities he had to other young people who have not been able to access and experience nature.


602.468.6470 ext. 111

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