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Keep an eye on your favorite birds with the Arizona Game and Fish Department

Through the Arizona Bird Conservation Initiative and along with other partners, the Arizona IBA program works in partnership with the Arizona Game and Fish Department. They, like us, understand that connecting people with nature and wildlife is a critical part of protecting Arizona's birds and other wildlife resources. They also understand that not everyone can get outdoors as much as they'd like, and that's why they offer some great wildlife viewing webcams.

Check out their wildlife cameras below to keep track of some of your favorite Arizona species!

Bald Eagle Cam

The Arizona Game and Fish Department welcomes you to its bald eagle nest cam. This live-streaming camera provides an unedited glimpse of nature in all its beauty and cruelness. As with nature, viewers may witness a variety of behaviors that may seem cruel, such as feeding on other wild animals, so viewer discretion is advised.

During this breeding season eggs may be laid and hatched at different times. That can lead to aggressive interactions between growing siblings and can result in injury or death within the nest. Furthermore, the Arizona Game and Fish Department likely will not intervene with the nest if and when problems arise. The department may also choose to temporarily interrupt the live-stream, if needed.

An intimate view into the lives of wildlife is a rare privilege and we hope you enjoy and learn from this experience. For questions about the web camera, e-mail to

View the webcam stream here.

(This camera is at Lake Pleasant, downstream of the Agua Fria National Monument Important Bird Area.)

Sandhill Crane Cam

The best times to view sandhill cranes on the wildlife camera will be from daylight until about an hour afterwards before they have left the roost to feed for the morning. They will return to Whitewater Draw sometime in the late morning, generally before noon. The cranes typically remain at the wildlife area for the remainder of the day and should be visible. On occasion they will fly out to feed again in the afternoon and return in the late evening at around dark.  Please note that we will do our best to keep the camera trained on cranes and other interesting subjects however sometimes wildlife is uncooperative. If there is not much happening when you visit the camera, please check us again soon. The camera will be available for public viewing from October (when cranes first start to arrive at Whitewater Draw) through March or early April when they leave for their northern migration to the nesting grounds.

View the webcam stream here.

(This camera is at the Whitewater Draw State Wildlife Area Important Bird Area.)

More Cameras:

The Arizona Game and Fish Department offers more wildlife cameras, and they change throughout the year.  You can check out their other cameras and learn more about the species being recorded here, and we'll continue to update this page as more avian cams become available.

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