Help us replace stolen equipment

Please join a community-wide effort to restore what was stolen recently from Audubon Arizona. This is an ongoing, short-term fund raising effort and we need your help!

Our storage yard was broken into!  Vital equipment for the first Conservation Work Day of the season (Sept. 17) was taken:  wheelbarrows and other items. Our "bat cave" metal frame structure - a fun focal point for the  Enchanted Trail event in October - was stolen as well. Suddenly we face urgent, unexpected gaps to fill, and we need to raise money as soon as possible. 

That's why we're reaching out to you.  Will you please make a financial donation to help replace this equipment and boost our habitat restoration work?  When you do, you'll help us improve the environment while also creating new "bat cave" wonders for hundreds of children and their families to learn and enjoy.

Gifts of any amount will replace stolen items and support community events.

You can donate by clicking here.

Thank you for your support!

How you can help, right now