Audubon Arizona Receives $7,500 Commitment From RBC Blue Water Project To Protect Local Water

Water.  It’s one of the world’s most precious natural resources and fundamental to life on our planet. Our local water sources aren’t limitless, and they’re under continual and growing stress from population growth, climate change and pollution.  Protecting this most precious resource is a growing concern around the world.

RBC announced today a donation of $7,500 to Audubon Arizona, to support the River Pathways Program.  This award-winning biology program provides high school students with field-based learning opportunities that protect rivers and the animals who depend on them.  Audubon Arizona was chosen from among hundreds of applicants from around the world, based on its commitment to addressing water issues and protecting water in urbanized areas. 

Audubon Arizona connects people with nature using education, science, and advocacy in unique ways to protect Arizona’s birds, other wildlife, and their habitats.  At the core of all these activities is water—with many programs centering on its study, use, and conservation.  Audubon Arizona recruits, trains, and mobilizes “citizen scientists” to take action that protects and restores rivers, streams, lakes, and wetlands, notably through the Western Rivers Action Network (WRAN).  This multi-state grassroots effort engages more than 30,000 advocates in water policy issues.  Also, Audubon Arizona led the dramatic restoration of the Salt River in central Phoenix, transforming it into a thriving riparian habitat now home to more than 200 species of birds and other wildlife.  Audubon Arizona is the official state office of the National Audubon Society.

This year, the RBC Blue Water Project has committed $3.2 million in grants globally, to 152 organizations that are committed to improve urban water quality, enhance storm water management and protect and restore urban waterways.

“At RBC, we know that water is essential to everything we do – from our most basic daily needs to ensuring our global economy can function successfully,” said Pat Ternes, RBC Wealth Management Senior Vice President and Financial Advisor.  “By supporting the efforts of Audubon Arizona, we are sharing our love of our local waters and helping to raise awareness and fund water projects to provide access to drinkable, swimmable, fishable water, now and for future generations.”

Today’s announcement is part of RBC’s annual Blue Water Day, a time for RBC employees around the globe to come together to protect their local water sources through “Makeovers”: clean ups, plantings and awareness-raising.  In 2015, over 25,000 employees completed 850 Makeovers worldwide.

About RBC Blue Water Project

The RBC Blue Water Project is a historic, wide-ranging, 10-year global commitment to help protect the world's most precious natural resource: fresh water. Since 2007, RBC has pledged nearly $44 million to more than 740 charitable organizations worldwide that protect water, including the grants announced today, with an additional $8.8 million pledged to universities for water programs. For further information, visit

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