A portrait of Morgan Moore.

Morgan Moore

Development and Communications Coordinator

Morgan provides development support by writing grant proposals, facilitating donor relations, and managing donor outreach and engagement. She also coordinates Birds n' Beer, and serves as a main correspondent for marketing efforts. She strives to maintain a positive relationship between Audubon, donors, and the general public through accurate and meaningful communication. 

Morgan is a graduate from Arizona State University with a bachelor's degree in Sustainability, as well as a certificate in Community Development and Urban Revitalization. Her primary academic focus was how sustainability and science can be communicated to the public in understandable, relatable, and creative ways.

Morgan has always loved birds, but she started on the serious journey of birding on June 29, 2013, when she and her father went on a guided bird walk at the grand re-opening of Picture Canyon in Flagstaff.


602.468.6470 ext. 103