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Brewing for the birds

Brewers know that an adequate and reliable water supply is critical to their craft.  Audubon's Western Rivers Action Network members know that it is critical to healthy rivers, habitats, birds, and other wildlife. By taking action together, we can help protect rivers and all they support throughout Arizona and the Colorado River Basin.

Western Rivers Brewers' Council  Q&A

Q: What is the Western Rivers Action Network (WRAN)?
A: WRAN is Audubon's multi-state grassroots effort to protect the Colorado River and its tributaries.  35,000 members strong, we advocate for science-based and non-partisan water management and policy that benefits rivers and the birds, other wildlife, habitats, cities, and economies they support.  You can learn more about some of WRAN's recent victories here.

Q: What is the Western Rivers Brewers' Council (WRBC)?
A:  The WRBC is a coalition of conservation-minded breweries that support  WRAN's mission to protect rivers across the Colorado River Basin.

Q: Why breweries?
A: Craft breweries have the attention of  diverse and locally-minded people that Audubon may not have the ability to reach.  By making WRAN action opportunities available to your networks, you can help amplify our voice.  In addition, your perspective as local business owners adds an important voice to the Network.

Q: What is asked of member breweries?
A: WRBC members will have the opportunity to take action in a few ways

  • Sharing online action alerts with your networks through social media, newsletters, etc.
  • Signing WRAN coalition letters to leaders and policy makers
  • Joining us in in-person meetings

Q: Are member breweries required to take part in all WRAN actions?
A: No! We understand that resources can be limited and that opinions on individual water issues can vary.  Member breweries are given the opportunity to, not obligated to, participate in WRAN calls to action.

Q: What's in it for the brewers?
A: By joining the WRBC, breweries will:

  • be a visible supporter of sustainable water management and healthy rivers. 
  • have opportunities to market to Audubon’s 35,000 Western Rivers Action Network (WRAN) members and to Audubon’s broader statewide, regional, and national base.  Potential marketing opportunities include
  • be able to showcase their work conserving water and protecting habitat both in the brewery and on the ground
  • have opportunities to network with like-minded breweries

Q: How can my brewery join the WRBC?
A: To learn more or join, contact Steven Prager at sprager@audubon.org

***Don't own a brewery but know of one that belongs on the Western Rivers Brewers' Council? Download this flier and help us spread the word!

Member Breweries:


Arizona Wilderness Brewing Company - Gilbert, Arizona

Wren House Brewing Company - Phoenix, Arizon

Dragoon Brewing Company - Tucson, Arizona

1912 Brewing Company - Phoenix, Arizona

Tomstone Brewing Company - Tomstone, Arizona

Prison Hill Brewing Company - Yuma, Arizona

Borderlands Brewing Company - Tucson, Arizona


Horse & Dragon Brewing Company - Fort Collins, Colorado

Odell Brewing Company - Fort Collins, Colorado

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